Private Beach

Marina del Rey, CA

Date: October TBA
Time: TBA

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Join us for a celebration of masculinity and femininity in a workshop that dives into embodiment, balancing the inner yin & yang, & activating your highest potential. Our collective of qualified workshop facilitators will lead sessions on growth, healing, transformation, and resilience for men & women before bringing everyone together for a group learning experience.

Your day of learning and discovery will include:

  • Guided workshops for men and women separately and together facilitated by
  • Customized picnic basket lunches to fuel your body and mind
  • Beachside activities to foster lighthearted conversation and connection

Meet Our Facilitators

Nick Ventra‘s true purpose is to create a safe and intimate space that inspires growth, healing, and transformation for each individual. As a certified yoga and meditation instructor, he has 10+ years of work experience in the health and wellness industry and 6+ years of teaching yoga and meditation to people across the world – now including Muy House members.

Umair Kabani is a holistic business coach and tech entrepreneur on a mission to help people find both achievement and fulfillment in their professional, personal and spiritual lives. With over 10 years of group events, 1:1 coachings with purpose-driven CEO’s/NBA Athletes, and instilling fulfillment principles inside of Silicon Valley’s top companies, she cannot wait to step forward and lead Muy House members in discovering what fulfillment looks like to them.

Come with an open mind and heart, and be ready to learn how to embody and embrace your fullest potential.

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