On May 24, Muy House and AY^AM Life came together to host a grounding and traditional Japanese tea ceremony promoting purity, tranquility, respect & harmony.

Guided by a certified tea master, groups of guests were led through an exploration of tea as a meditation and a daily practice. Guests were also invited to participate in group sound bath experiences with Unseen Sound designed to awaken a deeper connection of self-awareness and focus.

Following the tea ceremony and sound bath experiences, guests were invited to forge new connections through conversation and light vegan- and vegetarian-friendly bites served by Danvy Pham of Conscious Geisha. Muy House members and guests mixed and mingled, reflected on their experiences, and enjoyed all that AY^AM Life’s gorgeous Playa del Rey building has to offer.

AY^AM’s tea room is part of The Global Tea Hut Community that practices Tea as a “Way” and a Dao. AY^AM serves tea as a daily practice and treats it as a way to engage the mind, body, and spirit through grounded mindfulness.

Unseen Sound

LA-based certified sound sensory facilitator Kiki leads sound bath experiences that awaken body and soul with vibrational sound frequencies. She finds great pleasure in inviting them to find a deeper connection of self-awareness, increase their focus, and allow themselves the space to expand and reignite their light within.

Conscious Geisha

With her idiosyncratic recipes, creative catering presentations, and a playful approach to enriching the palate and the senses through food, Conscious Geisha brings delicious, delightful meals to the table for all to enjoy – meals that are best paired with laughter and good company.

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