Experiences over Everything: Why Experiential Marketing Beats Traditional Marketing Every Time

What is Experiential Marketing?

Before we dive into why experiential marketing beats traditional marketing, we must start with a discussion of exactly what “experiential marketing” means.

Here’s a common definition…

Experiential marketing is a valuable strategy that uses “live experiences” to forge authentic bonds between your brand and consumers.

That’s a pretty good explanation but there’s also so much more to it than just that.

It’s all about creating powerful, unique and unforgettable experiences that capture audience attention, inspire brand loyalty, build trust and ultimately, drive sales. 

With experiential marketing, instead of telling them about your brand, you’re asking them to be a part of it.

Experiential Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

So what can experiential marketing do that traditional marketing cannot?

For one thing experiential marketing triggers organic, zero-cost advertising.

Here’s how that works…

When your consumers genuinely enjoy the experience they’re having alongside your service or product, they want to share it with their friends, family, coworkers and just about everyone they know.

Basically, we want your customer to associate your product, brand or service with a positive or nostalgic emotional trigger. 

For example, let’s say the last time you dined at a certain restaurant you received a call that you landed a HUGE business deal or promotion. No matter how bad the food may have been, or even if the service was terrible, you will forever associate that restaurant with the positive feelings of success and accomplishment you enjoyed there. 

Experiential marketing operates under the assumption that people are primarily emotional beings. You will be MORE likely to dine at that restaurant again, despite its faults, because you associate that location with a positive emotional experience — or in experiential marketing terms, an emotional trigger.

These emotional triggers are what set experiential marketing apart from traditional marketing. 

In other words, experiential marketing is a unique approach that creates FREE brand ambassadors that will market your product through word of mouth to anyone who will listen! 

Here are a few more ways experiential marketing beats traditional marketing every time:

Who’s the star of the show?


The Product or Service


The Customer’s Experience

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