Bagus Jati Resort, Bali Indonesia

Date: Dec 29 – Jan 4, 2023

Muy House cannot wait to welcome you to beautiful Bali, home to incomparable views, legendary events, and countless histories just waiting to be discovered.

This retreat is all about balance, intention, community & connection –– join us for:

Balinese cultural dinners designed to steep you in the history and culture of this beautiful land

Daily yoga, meditation & transformational workshops

Onsite spa experiences + a sauna, jacuzzi and pool overlooking the jungle

Scenic river rafting

Scenic hikes through Balinese rice paddy fields

A water temple blessing and ceremony

Community breakfasts and dinners every day

Plenty of time to relax, reflect, & restore your spirit

…and much more

The Resort

Bagus Jati Resort

Bali’s premier Health and Wellbeing Retreat, set on 5 hectares of hillside gardens amongst emerald tinted forests at the north of Ubud, Bali. It is 750m above sea level with fresh mountain air and pleasant climate (approx. 68° – 77° Fahrenheit).



SHARED ROOM [Early Bird]



*Early Bird rate ends Aug 31st, 2022.

**A $500 deposit is required to secure your reservation.

The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to the retreat start 10/29/2022.

Step into the new year with renewed resilience and clarity, and take time to heal, be real and be present during our New Year’s retreat in beautiful Bali. In partnership with Paul Teodo and Leah Santa Cruz, and through yoga, meditation, intention setting, community & connection, we’ll hold space for you to set goals for the new year, make friends, and escape from the never-ending stress of everyday life!


All Levels: Vinyasa Yoga + Live Music with Paul Teodo

You won’t need coffee to feel energized once you’ve taken this class. Experience the best way to start your day: feeling invigorated, playful, and open-hearted. This refreshing yoga class will get you moving to upbeat music – but the best part is how replenished you’ll feel after the deep meditation at the end.

All Levels: Power Yoga with Paul Teodo

Want to know how to stop caring what others think about you? Ready to go after your dreams with more confidence? This yoga class will help you get there. Designed to bring you into a flow state in 90 minutes, this class is designed to challenge, strengthen, and develop your character and body – without overwhelming you. Experience the class that became the #1 most popular offering in both Los Angeles and Bali.

All Levels: Chakra Activation with Leah Santa Cruz

All Levels: Chakra Activation with Leah Santa Cruz

Have you ever asked a question to your body? Ever felt your chakras open up, come alive and speak to you? Leah remembers vividly the power of that experience and wants to bring it to you through this activation session.
Whether there’s a question you haven’t been able to figure out the answer to or an area of your life that could use some support and insight, learn how to use breath, movement, and sound to unlock your energy and the answers living within you.

All Levels: Power Yoga with Paul Teodo

All Levels: Yin-Yang Yoga with Paul Teodo

We’re all aging. And while we learn to embrace this, we ask “what can I do to continue feeling young?” Discover the “the yogic fountain of youth:” A blend of dynamic sequencing and long hold stretches that shape and restore health to your fascia – the tissues that become unhealthy over time and contribute to an aging body.

The physical results of yin-yang yoga are better body symmetry, faster recovery, and improved sports performance with fewer stretch marks, cellulite, scar tissue, or body pain. Healthy fascia prevents future injuries and instills vitality and youthfulness throughout the years to come. Join us in the deep states of healing meditation we can experience when we surrender to our yin.

Women’s Circle with Leah Santa Cruz

Women’s Circle with Leah Santa Cruz

You’re going through a transition in life. But you’re not alone.

Come experience a new community of women around you. Women who support one another, share our wisdom, and feel comfortable being ourselves together. No competition, no judgment. Only love.

Enjoy a sacred space to share your stories and perform beautiful rituals. A space where you can find inner healing and gain insights from other women’s life experiences. And most of all – a space to remember the powerful and wise feminine being you are.

Men’s Circle with Paul Teodo

Do you feel like you can speak your truth with other men? Do you wish you could be honest about your life challenges and desires? To get real insight from other men, without judgment? Enter the men’s circle, a space for you to uncover what you want so you can go after it, unapologetically. Through open, honest conversation and vulnerability, Paul facilitates space for men to get real, get encouraged, and get empowered.

All Levels: Tantra Meditation with Leah Santa Cruz

All Levels: Tantra Meditation with Leah Santa Cruz

Experience a deep dive into aliveness and the underlying creativity that sustains us all. Tantra is that mystical experience that can awaken full-body bliss. In this workshop, we’ll explore how the basic dynamics of life – breathing, listening, seeing, loving – are used as doorways into meditation that can enhance the creative and sexual energies of the body.

Using dynamic methods to awaken the kundalini energy that lies dormant in the base of the spine, we’ll open our chakras to access the energy and bliss that’s available to us. These practices can be done by ourselves or with a partner, so don’t be afraid to bring someone along.

Yin-Yoga Class + Live Guitar Music with Paul-Teodo

All Levels: Yin Yoga Class + Live Guitar Music with Paul Teodo

Imagine this → You’re feeling so relaxed, so nourished, safe and surrendered, that it’s as though all the stress and tension has melted off your bones and muscles. You’re brand new.

Then suddenly, you have a brilliant idea.

Creativity unlocks in the brain when we reach states of deep and utter relaxation. Creative energy, when no longer blocked by tension – flourishes. This is the power of yin yoga. And we’re super-sizing it with Paul’s guitar-led meditation.

Adventures in Intimacy with Leah & Paul

What would you do if someone waved a magic wand and made your relationships incredible? If they made you irresistible and ensured you had everything you ever wanted from a partnership?

Sounds silly right?

Fact check → most people actually believe this. Subconsciously believing our relationship should be great on its own, and if it’s not…well, it must be a problem with the other person.

This workshop is for single people, those in a relationship, and those looking to have a relationship. Come learn the secrets that were not taught to you in school, like:

How to be more yourself with your partner

How to build closeness and connection when you’re feeling distant

How to get your needs and boundaries met in healthy ways

How to open to deeper love and still ensure your heart is taken care of



Learn more about the teachers: Leah & Paul (1:00)


Leah Santa Cruz

Leah Santa Cruz started her career studying psychology and neuroscience, followed by a decade working a fast-paced career for Microsoft and tech startups. After experiencing burnout, anxiety issues and difficulty in relationships, she found tremendous healing in meditation and supportive women. Now, Leah specializes in helping others experience emotional freedom, better moods, improved sleep, and relationships through meditation.

Paul Teodo

Paul Teodo

Paul Teodo was named the #1 yoga teacher in Los Angeles in 2016 before teaching at the world-famous Yoga Barn in Bali. Paul specializes in yoga teacher trainings across the globe and offers a variety of classes including power yoga, vinyasa flow, yin-yang and yin yoga. His classes are known for being smart and careful so people of all levels can take part and feel challenged without hurting themselves.

Nicole Muyingo

Nicole Muyingo

Nicole Muyingo, founder & CEO of Muy House, a student at the California College of Ayurveda studying to become a certified Ayurvedic doctor, and a certified meditation instructor, will facilitate guided meditation sessions throughout this retreat to renew spirits, uniting hearts and minds, and helping all those in attendance find the balance they seek as they step into the new year.



Wild View Retreat, Corgas Bravas, Portugal

Date: Spring 2023

You deserve to take a break. All the time. And you deserve the best of everything. Allow us to show you what the world has to offer in terms of health, wellness, and adventure. Experience new things while exploring a new place – Portugal.

Come to Portugal for a retreat that offers a healthy, relaxing experience including:

  • Guided yoga and meditation sessions
  • Delicious food tours allowing you to sample the nation one bite at a time
  • Custom immersive tours
  • Plenty of time to rest, relax and reflect

We can’t wait to explore the beautiful country of Portugal with you. You’ll return feeling refreshed, restored and ready to take on the world!

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Holiday Soiree

The Little Prince

Date: December 6th, 2022
Time: TBA

Included w/ Membership

Muy House invites members and guests to join us at The Little Prince for the private culinary experience of a lifetime! Come enjoy a beautiful three-course meal, hand-selected drinks, and all the warm & welcoming company your heart can hold.

Come enjoy:

  • Signature cocktails
  • Finely-crafted dishes prepared using the best local seasonal produce
  • Artisanal spirits and beers sourced from every corner of the globe
  • Live music
    & a few more secret surprises!

Ready to take over one of LA’s finest restaurants? We’ll be waiting for you.



Private Residence
Pacific Palisades, CA

Thursday September 8, 2022

The famous Chef Mags worked at top Michelin restaurants like The French Laundry + ran Soho House in NYC and LA + curated dinner experiences for entrepreneurs and celebs. He made a pretty bold statement to us; “I love connecting people through food and being part of making magic happen.”

And we’re taking him (and his food) on for this challenge.

The best part? We’re inviting you to this scrumptious opportunity. Come share your story, and hear from other innovators, creators and philanthropists focused on health, wellness and sustainability. See what magic can happen when you’re in the presence of the most delicious food in town and some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet.

Included w/ Membership

The evening will include:

A meditation to relax you and set the tone for connection

A cocktail hour with delicious horderves

Chef Mags’ special multi-course dinner

Live entertainment

A gift bag

Great conversations, full bellies, new friends, and even new opportunities lie ahead. We hope you join us!


Chef Mags

Michael Magliano - Chef

Michael Magliano “Chef Mags” has a formidable culinary background. He started going to plant-based cooking in Kansas City far before it was popularized, studied classical cooking in Napa and continues to be on the cutting edge of trends in the ever-changing world of gastronomy. He currently balances his time between culinary direction for restaurants, events, brands, and being a private chef for a client with an auto-immune disease, which brings him the utmost reward and inspiration.

Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to cook with people that are on the forefront of where the industry is going. He worked under Thomas Keller at The French Laundry when it was named the #1 restaurant in the world, opened the Craft restaurants in Dallas and Los Angeles for Tom Colicchio, and worked at Michelin star restaurant Quince in San Francisco. He then met chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo and went to work for them at the cult Los Angeles eatery, Animal. Chef Mags became the Executive Chef at the Soho houses in both Los Angeles and New York, and opened up Gusto 501, a 5-story Italian eatery in Toronto. Most recently brought the first federally approved hemp leaves with Ziese Farms partnership to Los Angeles restaurant market, with signature Crispy Hemp Leaves.

Currently living in Los Angeles, he is inspired by California Cuisine and the phenomenal access to farms, foraging and fresh ingredients. The other thing California has afforded him is the relationship to the growing Cannabis industry and a partnership with premium brand, Pantry Food Co. which is in line with his future focus on new products and manufacturing in the food service and retail industries.



Private Loft
Venice, CA

Date: Thursday October 13, 2022
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Included w/ Membership

Hobbies and community are an important part of maintaining your mental health and wellbeing. They’re something that instantly spark joy and give you something to be passionate about, as well as giving you something to focus on instead of your daily worries and stresses.

Join us as we explore some hobbies of ours, whether you’re a novice artist or you’ve been painting and creating for years, there’s nothing like painting to get the creative juices flowing, Muy House and our partners have created an evening of meditation, art and connection.

Join us for:

Holistic Healing Treatments

Guided meditation and breathwork

A creative painting session

Delicious light bites and organic wines

Community & Connection

A Gift Bag filled with creative goodies




DPAK, a multi-talented musician, mixer and performer, will lead MUY HOUSE members through a one-of-a-kind musical experience. With songs, sounds and beats calibrated to the event itself, you’ll be taking in one of LA’s finest musical storytellers as you tell a creative story of your own.

A Taste of the World


Topanga, CA

Saturday Sept 17th, 2022
3:00pm – 10:00pm

You want to travel the world but let’s be honest, gas prices are a bit high right now. So instead of breaking your bank, we’re bringing the world to you!

Muy House and Public Secret are bringing you world-renowned artists and gourmet food that will send you on a music and culinary journey of the globe. Dance to west-african afro-beats, enjoy hourderves to caribbean reggae and explore the jungles of Mexico, all from our back-yard of Topanga.

And because no one likes to travel without a little spa time, we’ve got a variety of international healing modalities for you to explore with us such as;  Ayurvedic treatments, acupuncture, and other worldly experiences in store for you.

Included w/ Membership

Dinner Only + Evening Music


Daytime Wellness + Music + Snacks


All Day Access

*Each ticket tier includes a gift bag

Join us for a wellness day and night in Topanga and enjoy:

Holistic Healing Treatments

Live World Music & Dancing

A culinary experience that will blow your mind

Beautiful Topanga Views

Organic Juices and Libations

Explore local & innovative brands in the wellness space

A Gift Bag with special treats for you to take home with you

Good friends and company


Dinner Only + Evening Music
3pm – 6pm

Daytime Wellness + Music + Snacks
6pm – 10pm

All Day Access
3pm – 10pm

Meet The Venue


Red Carriage

The Red Carriage

The Carriage is decorated in full gypsy spirit! A fullsize bed, red velvet curtains, a cushioned bench, desk area, marshall speaker, electric tea kettle, espresso machine and a mini fridge. Outside you’ll find a unique outdoor bathroom with a clawfoot tub, a wooden vanity with sink and a chest with a hidden restroom.

Take in the views of the mountains while dancing under the stars and the delicate chandeliers hanging from the oak trees. Communal outdoor kitchen to be shared with The Black Carriage.

The Black Carriage

The Black Carriage

This unique Gypsy Wagon features a plush kingbed for two, green velvet curtains, small table with 2 chairs, Marshall speaker, electric tea kettle, espresso machine and a mini fridge. Take in the views of the mountains while cooking in the outdoor kitchen steps away or swing in the tree hanging chairs.

These beautiful 20ft and 10ft carriages are connected by a romantic bridge – one part serving as bed and living room and the other as a full bathroom with a gorgeous copper tub. The dark painted exterior camouflages the wagon in the nature and the wooden interior is decorated in the gypsy spirit. Nearby you’ll find The Red Carriage as your closest neighbor.

Meet Our Partners


Public Secret is a traveling music collective and label focused on bespoke destination events and collaborations with eclectic world renowned artists.

Public Secret’s events are as much a journey as they are a destination, shepherding attendees to a good vibe oasis hidden just off the beaten path in whatever part of the map they may be in – be it the Jungles of Mexico, The Malibu hills, or the Caribbean islands.

Public Secret’s mission is to harmonize people, places, and music of equal beauty, in the spirit of Ubuntu, to create moments we never forget.



Marina del Rey, CA

Welcome Aboard!

New research shows that spending time in the sun, paddleboarding, swimming, meditating, and having fun with like-minded people is super good for your health.

Don’t believe us?

See for yourself on Saturday, August 27th as we give you the ultimate excuse for summer fun and a chance to rejuvenate your mental health. Plus enjoy great food and beauty products that’ll leave you radiant!

Included w/ Membership

Join us at the beautiful Marina for:

Paddle Boarding


Guided Meditation & Breathwork

Chef Prepared Seafood Lunch

Killer Beats to Dance To

A Goodie Bag Of Insane Beauty Products

Fresh Organic Juices & Libations

Really Cool People


Guided Meditation and Breathwork

Eva Hooft and
Nicole Zimmerman


Urban Design Specialists

At Urban Design Specialists, we are driven by the imperative role that architecture plays in enriching the human experience. We strive to create unique environments that positively impact the world by implementing sustainable technologies and efficient construction methods. With an interactive design process, we begin by gaining a holistic view of our client’s vision, and apply our expertise to bring the project to life. Our analytical design process involves the application of original design solutions with both traditional and unconventional construction techniques. Throughout the development, we keep our clients informed and comply with their budget to ensure satisfaction as we move the project to completion.



Private Location
Malibu, CA

Date: Saturday June 25th, 2022
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm

Included w/ Membership

Find clarity in connection and communication during Muy House‘s one-day workshop in collaboration with bestselling author Adi Jaffe, PhD and radical health and wellness coach Sophie Jaffe – partners with 10 years of experience coaching others on embracing the power of transformative honesty in their relationships and beyond.

Get to know yourself in ways that allow you to align and grow into partnerships both present and future as part of this immersive one-day experience set in beautiful Malibu and led by IGNTD founders Adi and Sophie Jaffe.

Sophie and Adi Jaffe

Adi and Sophie Jaffe

This one-day experience focused on radical transparency and building solid, growing partnerships includes:

Two workshops, one in the morning and one in the afternoon

An elevated lunch with time for connection and commiseration

An event-wrapping conscious happy hour with drinks by De Soi


10:00am – 12:00pm

Welcome & Morning Workshop

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Elevated Lunch

1:00pm – 4:00pm

Afternoon Workshop

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Conscious Happy Hour with De Soi

Located on sacred and blessed Chumash land in Malibu, Zuma Sanctuary offers a beautiful space to create, relax, and be refreshed all while surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

DavisCrates brings boho-chic experiences and design elements to every event through thoughtful furniture choices and engaging décor options meant to set the appropriate stage for every event.

To sweeten our event, we’re pouring De Soi’s sparkling non-alcoholic apéritifs with natural adaptogens, Odyssey Elixir’s mushroom elixirs encourage energy and mental clarity, Philosophie’s matcha and sunshine drops, and Sound’s sparkling water infused with organic tea, botanicals and fruit extracts.

To ensure all who attend our event depart with timeless memories, Tamara Muth-King and JE will be videotaping and photographing each and every moment. Kent Speakman will be joining us to record the workshops and ensure they remain accessible even after the event.


As Seen In

As Seen In

Muy House could not be more thrilled to partner with Sophie and Adi Jaffe to co-host this workshop, designed to be a safe space for couples to come together, share their trials and joys in constructive ways, and emerge with a stronger bond and a deeper understanding of what it means to walk in unity.

Whether you’ve been going to couples therapy for years with no results or want to head off any relationship pitfalls before you arrive at that point in your partnership, this workshop is designed to help you and your partner dive deep with an intimate look at what it takes to truly understand yourself and your partner, use that knowledge to communicate better and grow together, and deepen your knowledge of what you want to manifest together.

Truly getting to know yourself & your partner more than you ever have before

How to use that knowledge to communicate better and grow together

Deeper understanding of your current relationship and what you want to manifest together


Have you been going to couples therapy for years, but nothing as changed?

Sick of that awkward phase with a therapist where you constantly have to rehash?

Do you feel like…
When’s the good stuff?
When do we get happy again?


You are fighting a lot
You can’t communicate effectively
Intimacy is uncomfortable
You’re not having enough sex
You’ve grown in different directions
You are arguing 95% of the time


We’ll teach you what brought us to actually change and grow TOGETHER.
We’re giving you a short cut….
a decade worth of lessons that we’ve learned… in one afternoon.
Learn the ways to get to know each other better to truly connect to the person you love and stop fighting against the unknown parts of ourselves and loved ones.

What They’re Saying




IGNTD Retreater - Whitney


Meet Our Partners

Sophie and Adi Jaffe

Adi and Sophie Jaffe

For over 10 years, bestselling author Adi Jaffe, PhD and radical health and wellness coach Sophie Jaffe have inspired thousands with their transformational workshops and courses all about radical transparency, transformative intimacy, and the power of working together as partners to become the best version of yourselves both separately and together.

Conscious Geisha

With her idiosyncratic recipes, creative catering presentations, and a playful approach to enriching the palate and the senses through food, Conscious Geisha brings delicious, delightful meals to the table for all to enjoy – meals that are best paired with laughter and good company.



Will Rogers State Historic Park

Pacific Palisades, CA

Saturday June 18, 2022

Muy House hosted a fun day of hiking, nature & connection at the beautiful Will Rogers State Historic Park. Guests were treated to a scenic hike featuring a stunning ocean view, followed by an afternoon of relaxation and discovery.

This beautiful day in the sun included:

Fresh juice/beverage/smoothie on arrival

Introductions & hike

45 mins of guided meditation: Elemental Breathwork with Desi Valentine

Chef-prepared meals provided by Gjusta & Erewhon

Intention-setting sessions for the week ahead


Desi Valentine


Desi Valentine

As a talented artist and shamanic healer, the practice of elemental breathwork – a combination of breathwork and energy healing – is central to Desi Valentine’s practice. Bring a yoga mat and a clear mind, and come prepared to clear stagnant energy from your mind and body during 15-minute guided elemental breathwork sessions at one with nature.



Burton Chace Park

Marina del Rey, CA

Date: Saturday August 13th, 2022
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Included w/ Membership




Explore new fitness modalities and shake up your workout routine at this fun all-day event. Whether you’re a fitness buff interested in trying something new or looking to level up your daily exercise routine before the summer is out, you’ll find something amazing here!

Discover your new favorite forms of fitness throughout the day’s events, including:

  • Team bonding games and events
  • Tennis matches and lawn games
  • A chance to speak with personal trainers across modalities
  • The opportunity to engage with Muy House’s favorite vendors and fitness brands
  • Space to explore and enjoy the great outdoors

Come with an open mind and heart, and be ready to learn how to embody and embrace your fullest potential!.


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